#610. “There’s No Masters Or Kings When The Ritual Begins.”

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#610. “There’s No Masters Or Kings When The Ritual…


Today, Your Excellence, 

would you indulge me? Pronounce the word “RITUAL”.  Put this word on your lips, Your Grace. 

Ritual is a word that’s been robbed of its awe.  THE UNINITIATED toss it around carelessly. They call their “habits” or “routines” rituals.

Ritual is the space we hold for SPIRIT to come through. A space where we churn energy to invite THE DIVINE to guide us in reaching for our Promised Land. Ritual is where we humble ourselves among higher energies, and from them, we learn to fly.

In the past, our emotional education came from the rituals held by our ancestors. Separation from these traditions has left so many kings unable to access higher levels of power.

Your Grace, your purpose, here on this earth, is larger than you know. It takes connection to mighty power to unlock the strength to step into what you were called here to do.

Throughout history, our rituals have given us the tools, the resiliency, the creativity and the connection to the divine to survive the unimaginable and step into our purpose.

Through ritual, we breathe, we dance, we sing, we drum, we write, we learn to call forth our full presence. To be. We learn there’s no deeper act of love or no deeper investment one can make than being present. 

There’s no freedom without the profound decision to pour our energy into ourselves, until we unlock.

Each day we invite you into ritual. These aren’t frivolous asks we make. Ritual is a spiritual technology. 

This is a space to invest in yourself so whole-heartedly that you compel the divine to hold you, to teach you how to channel all this Heaven churning inside you into your earthly purpose.

Today’s Ritual

Your Grace, take a deep breath and allow yourself to humble–to be as present as possible in this moment.

Take a deep breath and lean back into your chair. Feel everyone that came before you, the ancestors who’ve built a foundation for you. Feel your ancestors, your spirits at your back, holding you up.

Take a deep breath and say aloud:

Elevated ancestors who walk with me, 

thank you for guiding me through this turbulence. Thank you for holding me as I reach for the Promised Land inside myself.

What do I need to make myself feel safe enough to step into my full gifts, my purpose?

Write down the answer that comes to you.

With their power at your back ask yourself:

What am I willing to invest in myself in order to move through this turbulence?  

And what do I want in return?

Ask yourself:

What am I willing to invest in the people around me to move through these unprecedented times? 

And what do I want in return?

Write the first answers that come to you.

Take a deep breath and thank your ancestors for guiding you.

And thank you, Your Grace, for being courageous enough to hold space for your full power.

Always worth the investment,


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